Standard Skateboards Pork Belly Cooperation Small Fish Plate Red Adult Children Universal Brush Street Travel 10cm Skateboard (Color : Red, Size : 6116.510cm)

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This skateboard has strong pressure resistance, strong texture, easy to clean, good quality and low price, practical and easy to pick and place. It is your first choice!

Panel material: 7 layers of maple wood.

Sandpaper: OS780 high density waterproof sandpaper.

Wheel: 80A high-elastic frosted PU infusion wear wheel, 60*45mm.

Bracket: 7-inch high-strength aluminum alloy bracket for good support.

Bearing: ABEC-7 high speed bearing.

Material: wood.

Applicable people: the public.

Size: 61*16.5*10cm (24*6.5*3.9in).

color: red.

Skate type: single rocker.


A. We only sell skateboards, other items are just props.

B. About delivery: We will ship within 3-5 working days, delivery time is 7-20 working days.

C. Manual production and measurement, product size may have errors, the general error is about 1-2cm, which is normal.

D. Due to factors such as ambient light and display, the color of the image may be slightly different from the actual color. Please refer to the actual product.

E. Thank you for your presence and support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to provide you with a better product.

【Material】: It is preferably wood material, which is resistant to pressure and impact, resists high-strength impact, protects the board from being crushed, and wears sandpaper on the surface.
【Practical】: Skateboard in hand, say go and go, flat time step, brush street, entertainment, sports, exercise, travel, etc., use a wide range, do skateboarding, we are serious.
【Function】: Turning does not wipe the board, the unusual skateboard, the stylish personality of the layout design, the pattern details, all show the taste of youth, enjoy your street life.
【Features】: Upgrade the aluminum alloy bracket, the steering is more stable and more wear-resistant, super-loading 90kg, high-density sandpaper, granular and dense, high-elastic PU damping ring, and the sliding and turning comfort is strong.
【Scene】: street roads, squares, gyms, parks, playgrounds, steps, horizontal bars, parallel bars, dancing, parkour, stunt activities, community gardens, etc.